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Be careful about the deals you make . . . and with who
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Updates will now just be Sundays, around 7 pages an update give or take a couple for pacing.

Issues 1-4 were the setup, so I wanted them to get out there fast.

New art by FirionMien of Belial (a daddy demon that won't appear for months) is up in the Arcade!

Today's secret word is HEAVY

I need to go back to sleep goodnight!
Issue 3's pages 12 and 18-19 weren't meant to be censored! I'd made those versions for Tapas and didn't realize that those are the files I grabbed.

The uncensored pages serve the themes and mood since Cicero is quite repressed and there's a definite Freudian element to his journey. I could do a longer write up on it and I probably will, eventually. Barbatos's big entrance is now bigger, and the King Mother is no longer a Barbie doll.

Pages 10-11 have also been fixed because the black was actually gray, somehow.

No secret word today because I'm getting ready for work!
Trying out something new and dropping a few pages each day for issue 3. So Issue 3 will be split up into 4 chunks. It's mostly to see if I can bag new readers by staying ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE GAME. I am completely transparent in my schemes, which is why I'd make a shit spy.

Issue 3 is where pantless demons start in case you're here for that and not the historical drama.

First chunk (Back to Italy!): September 4.
Second Chunk (Trauma time!): September 5
Third Chunk: (Barbatos is here and you'll love him): September 6
Fourth Chunk: (A new deal? Finale!): September 7

Still only a few pages to adjust this go around. I think by Issue 4 I've hammered out any major wonkiness, so no edits. Yay!

I'm posting this on lunch.

Secret word of the day is PANTS
Come one, come all! The grand opening of the Do We Have a Contract? site has come!

Issue 1 is up, and there will be weekly updates as we catch up to issue 8. After that, the spinoff series of shorts, Wet Ink will commence.

Now I'll have time to do stuff like read comics, make a bitchin ad, and draw some killer miscellenia before diving into Wet Ink.

Today's secret word is BALLBATOS.
Issue 1 to come AUGUST 21!

Issues 1–8 have previously been on Global Comix, but have a few problem areas to smooth out.

I usually stick to deadlines, so maybe posting this will force me to work out all the kinks.

For issue 1, the line art has been cleaned up a bit but everything's mostly the same. Issues 1–2 had a pretty different style than the rest just by virtue of my having not nailed down everything and I decided to leave that as-is, only fixing major wonkiness.

It may also just be "pretty different" to me, but those issues had a lot more minimalist art moments and character designs were a bit rougher.

I'm pleased to say you can probably notice a jump in art quality every issue. The biggest ones are probably 2 to 3 and 4 to 5. I'm quite proud of the art in volume 2 (issues 5-8) because it's the most polished-looking art I've made yet, and I hope to only improve!

Today's secret word is LASTUNICORN.

Going back to Geocities times I figure this all out. COMIC TO COME.