Do We Have a Contract?

Be careful about the deals you make . . . and with who
Comic Launch on August 21!
Issue 1 to come AUGUST 21!

Issues 1–8 have previously been on Global Comix, but have a few problem areas to smooth out.

I usually stick to deadlines, so maybe posting this will force me to work out all the kinks.

For issue 1, the line art has been cleaned up a bit but everything's mostly the same. Issues 1–2 had a pretty different style than the rest just by virtue of my having not nailed down everything and I decided to leave that as-is, only fixing major wonkiness.

It may also just be "pretty different" to me, but those issues had a lot more minimalist art moments and character designs were a bit rougher.

I'm pleased to say you can probably notice a jump in art quality every issue. The biggest ones are probably 2 to 3 and 4 to 5. I'm quite proud of the art in volume 2 (issues 5-8) because it's the most polished-looking art I've made yet, and I hope to only improve!

Today's secret word is LASTUNICORN.