Do We Have a Contract?

Be careful about the deals you make . . . and with who
Issue 3 dropping September 4th--will be in chunks! Pants!
Trying out something new and dropping a few pages each day for issue 3. So Issue 3 will be split up into 4 chunks. It's mostly to see if I can bag new readers by staying ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE GAME. I am completely transparent in my schemes, which is why I'd make a shit spy.

Issue 3 is where pantless demons start in case you're here for that and not the historical drama.

First chunk (Back to Italy!): September 4.
Second Chunk (Trauma time!): September 5
Third Chunk: (Barbatos is here and you'll love him): September 6
Fourth Chunk: (A new deal? Finale!): September 7

Still only a few pages to adjust this go around. I think by Issue 4 I've hammered out any major wonkiness, so no edits. Yay!

I'm posting this on lunch.

Secret word of the day is PANTS