Do We Have a Contract?

Be careful about the deals you make . . . and with who
Volume 1, Issue 2, PG 01
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Volume 1, Issue 2, PG 01
28th Aug 2022, 8:28 AM in Do We Have a Contract? Volume 1 #2
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Author Notes:
Issue 2 begins! Cicero is in the demon world and you'll start to notice every issue begins with a wordless page with repeated sound effects. They're also meant to be minitwists and redirects.

Demon mouth crunching...his stuff on the floor...has he been eaten?? No! It was the crunch of dirt/sand. Fooled you!

This is a mostly serious chapter. Get ready for tears.

If you've read this before and see what I changed on pages 3, 4, 8, or 9, you get an art prize.
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